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Japanese for Busy People II

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An all-new edition of the all-time best-selling textbook.

Langue : japonais/anglais 

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The Revised 3rd Edition of Japanese for Busy People

Since it was first published in 1984, Japanese for Busy People has won acclaim world-wide as an effective, easy to-understand textbook, either for classroom use or for independant study. Now, in a major new revision, the series has been redesigned, updated, and cosolidated to meet the needs of students and businesspeople who want to learn natural, spoken Japanese as effectively as possible in a limited amount of time. 

This new edition of the classic second volume will enable learners to make an unprecedented smooth transition from mid-beginner-level to intermediate-level Japanese. Picking up where Japanese for Busy People I left off, the texto goes beyond survival Japanese, turning to the basics of Japanese syntax. Topics covered include plain forms of verbs and adjectives; compound sentences; modifying, temporal ("when"), and coditional ("if") clauses; potential and volitional forms; and direct and indirect quotation. By the end of the book, learners will have acquired through a series of concise grammatical explanations and extensives speaking and listening exercises a command of Japanese that xill enable them to carrt a variety of daily conversations. 

- A free CD containing 47 minutes of listening practive based on 94 dialogues introduced in the book.

- 160 kanji (Chinese characters used in Japanese), with ample space to practice writing them

- Over 350 illustrations to make the learning process fun and memorable

- 17 reading tasks

- Quizzes that allow learners to test their understanding

- Usage, culture, and style notes

Editeur Kodansha
Date de parution 01/01/2013
ISBN 9781568363868
Pages 299