Nihongo So-Matome N2 - Listening Comprehension Vue large

Nihongo So-Matome N1 - Compréhension orale

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Titre japonais : 日本語総まとめ N1 聴解

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❶Reinforces basic knowledge and skills needed for test taking by breaking down study into the fields of grammar, vocabulary, kanji, reading comprehension and listening comprehension.

❷Easy-to-read layout with study material arranged on the left-hand side and practice questions on the right.

Acquire listening skills step-by-step through activities stating with short sentence listening featuring examples of keigo. This curriculum also includes listening practice for various settings.

Editeur Ask
Date de parution 11/2011
ISBN 9784872177916
Langue japonais / anglais / coréen / chinois
Format 18.00 x 26.00