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Japanese Kanji Cards volume 1

Tuttle Publishing

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Flash cards have long been a great way to learn Japanese. The 448 kanji in this set are those prescribed by the Japanese Ministry of Education for the first three grades of Japanese language school. These Japanese flash cards are a convenient way of gradually increasing the number of kanji you can recognize and use. Their compact format makes learning Japanese easy and fun as you go about your daily routine and indexes allow you to sort and use the cards in various ways. The front of each card shows a single kanji character in a large, clear typeface, primary and listing radicals, commonly used kanji compounds and cross-references. On its reverse are the basic readings and English meanings for the character.

  • Contains 448 kanji flashcards plus a 16-page index booklet.
  • Learn 448 main words plus 1,792 related terms and 2,240 basic vocabulary items.
  • Romanized pronunciation and English meanings are given for all vocabulary items.
  • Both Japanese kanji words and romanizations are given.
Auteur Alexander Kask
Editeur Tuttle Publishing
Date de parution 04/04/2017
ISBN 9784805314159
Pages 448
Langue anglais - japonais