Bloc notes / dessin Drawing pad A5 Black

39,17 € taxe incl.

210 x 168 / 70sheets


fiche technique


Ito Bindery’s signature item is our original drawing pad. Each one is carefully made at our factory in Tokyo by expert craftsmen. You can choose from three colors of paper – white, kraft or gray. Each color comes in five sizes, from the portable A6 to the workshop ready A3. The base is made of sturdy recycled cardboard, so these drawing pads are perfect to take with you and sketch on the go. The bound side is micro-perforated, which allows you to easily tear off the sheets. Our simple yet functional drawing pads are popular with designers, artists, architects and minimalists.

The White and Gray Drawing Pads use high-quality paper that is made in Japan. Although white paper is a classic choice, the gray is perfect for those looking for something a bit more unique. Users have commented that they gray is a bit easier on the eyes.

The Kraft Drawing Pad uses kraft paper that is left unbleached during the paper making process. This strong paper has a unique pulp-like texture that artists and other creatives are sure to love! It’s perfect not only for sketching, but also for crafting.

Our logo is only pressed into the bottom right-hand corner of the base in order to keep our branding as minimal as possible. This is because we want users to be able to focus on creating the best art that they can on high-quality stationery.