Boro no Bi - Beauty in Boro -


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人の営みがこの布に凝縮し、 生活の厳しさを今に知らしめている。 ―本文より

For generations, cloth has been a part of people's lives.
The handwork of nameless people born in poverty overwhelms the viewer.
``Ranru (boro)'' was once used in farming villages and fishing villages in Japan.
In the days when cloth was precious, people carefully spliced together fine cloth to make futons and clothing. These fabrics, which are no longer seen in modern times, are now known worldwide as "BORO" and are highly evaluated in the field of art and textiles.
This book contains more than 500 items from the collection of more than 1000 items collected by the author over 35 years. A world of beauty unintentionally created by nameless people will stir your heart.

Human activities are condensed into this cloth, and the harshness of life is now known. -From the text

Editeur Seigensha